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Products & Services

We deliver to your needs!

We address all your tooling needs:

  • Sophisticated high-speed molds and die cast dies (from prototypes to complex production tool)
  • Troubleshooting and repairs

We deliver to you these types of molds:

  • Injection molds with direct gating hot to cold or cold runner systems
  • Stack, unscrewing, shuttle, transfer, rotating 2 color and compression molds
  • Molds with side cores and lifters
  • Die cast dies for aluminum, magnesium, zinc

Helm Tool is especially known throughout the industry for building cutlery molds of any size and combination, including full hot to cold runners and stack molds.

We love to support you with your needs regarding design:

  • 3-D Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Molds sampling (including processing parameters and 1st article inspections)

Molds are furnished from simple to complex tooling. Typically we are involved in the planning of new parts, designing, and furnishing prototype plastic parts often in a matter of days. We are a pioneer in technology serving our customers with the latest mold building know-how and techniques. We combine 3-D designs with Wire-EDM, CNC and high speed milling, turning and water jet machining. We have been successful in producing shorter lead times, better quality, and molds that make more parts in the shortest possible cycle times. Our effort results in a reasonable and economical cost for our customers. Also, through our innovative approaches we solve your problems and improve your part design with the help of close interaction and joint development.

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The key ingredients to our continuing success are: