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Industries Served

Helm Tool – The Tool Maker of Your Choice!

Helm Tool serves customers in a wide variety of industries. We are experts in the design and construction of high-speed, high-production tools. Particularly, our network reaches into the industries of cutlery and medical products. Helm Tool also has significant experience in cosmetically and optically critical parts, such as housings and lenses.

By combining experience with innovation, we build tools that set standards in terms of ease of start-up, cycle time and longevity.


  • Automotive Industry
  • Disposable Consumer Products (cutlery, cups, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Durable Consumer Products (barware, beer mugs & steins, power tools, smoke detector housings, etc.)
  • Electrical Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Medical Industry (bed pans, drug dispensers, etc.)
  • Optical Industry (lenses, reflectors)

The key ingredients to our continuing success are: